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We service and install Tesla Lithium-Ion Batteries and Tesla Power Wall.


Next Generation Energy Solar Electric water heater info with spec's

Sun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Energy System Featuring best-in-class technology and construction to provide years of clean, quiet, dependable hot water from the free energy from the sun.More Info HERE

Both for residential, commercial, and industrial applications Photovoltaics Mono/Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels and Thin Film Solar Panels, Designed and Engineered to eliminate 100% of electric bill. Take advantage of rebates and incentives. Sell back your excess power back to you Electric Company. Battery systems are available for Off-grid, and grid tied battery back up situations.

Solar Powered Pool Pump System

Surface centrifugal pump for solar operation, this pump has a flow rate of up to 4000 US-Gal/h, it comes with a 25 year warranty and a much longer life expectancy, it saves an average homeowner $850 per year.

Off Grid Solar Electric Water Heating and Appliances

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