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Lithium Ion Batteries in Sebring

You may not know it but lithium ion batteries are practically everywhere these days. You can find them in laptops, cellphones and more. They are, pound for pound, the most reliable, energetic and rechargeable batteries available on the market today. Though they have proven to be a good way to power the many devices we rely on every day, powering gadgets is just a fraction of what they can be used for.

Lithium ion batteries can also be used to power back-up systems for emergency, instantaneous uninterruptible power supplies or off the grid power so that your Sebring home or business isn’t left in the dark. If you are thinking of outfitting your Sebring home or business with lithium ion batteries to either power or provide a safety net for when the power goes out, get in touch with A National Electric Service Inc. today.

A National Electric Service Inc. has been proud to provide the people of Sebring with the most reliable, honest, upfront and efficient electrical work for many years, regardless of whether it is a commercial or residential property. All of our electrical contractors are fully licensed and insured. Plus, we have been recognized on Solar Power World’s Top 500 solar contractors and have also receive multiple Angie’s List awards for outstanding service.

When you call (954) 234-8255 today to find out more about our lithium ion battery installation services, we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate, but we’ll also remind you that our company offers unbeatable prices and extended warranties that put us head and shoulders above the competition. Don’t wait until it’s too late, take advantage of A National Electric Service Inc.’s exceptional lithium ion battery service today.

Why Choose Lithium Ion Batteries?

If you are looking for a way to provide backup power to your Sebring home or business, know that gas-powered backup generators are a thing of the past. Same is true for any building that is operating off the grid. Gas-powered generators, both diesel and natural gas, are expensive to run and they are bad for the environment. Meanwhile, lithium ion batteries have a number of different benefits including:

High Energy Density

Lithium ion batteries can transfer more power to the various appliances throughout your home or business because it has a higher energy density than other types of alternate power sources.


Batteries lose their charge over time and this is known as self-discharge. Lithium ion cells have one of the lowest self-discharges.

No Priming Necessary

Some rechargeable batteries need to be primed when they receive their first charge, but not lithium ion batteries.

Low Maintenance

Lithium ion batteries require little to no maintenance to ensure their performance. Of course, if there are any maintenance issues, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call (954) 234-8255 and one of our experts will be by to inspect and resolve the issue.

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Whenever you need outstanding electrical services in the Sebring area, get in touch with A National Electric Service Inc. Our technicians are available 24-hours a day, so pick up the phone and call us for whatever you need, whenever you need it.

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