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Solar Grid –Tied

A National Electric Inc. and Solar Grid-Tied Systems

A grid-tied system is efficient, cost effective and affordable. Not only does it work as an alternative source of power, it uses energy that would otherwise be wasted. If you’re looking to save money on utility bills, then purchasing and installing a grid-tied system is something to consider.

A National Electric Inc. provides full service installations and turn-key solutions. Our company uses highly skilled electricians who will not only integrate the new system but also answer all your questions pertaining to solar power. We will also assist you in understanding the fundamentals and maintenance that accompanies the transition to solar power. You’ll be amazed at just how easy, efficient and affordable a grid-tied system is.

Grid-Tied Systems will Save you Money

When you decide to go with solar energy, the first thing you want to do is research the various products on the market. More often than not, a grid-tied system is the most cost-effective and straightforward service available; especially for home and business owners. Why? Grid-tied is an electrical service that tracks your properties electrical usage. You’ll be able to see how much power you are using or saving. Unlike regular electricity, a grid-tied system will feed unused voltage back into the grid, basically recycling rather than just wasting it. This will save you loads of money in the long run because the system ends up paying for itself!

How it Works

Grid-tied allows you to have electricity even when the sun isn’t available, or not as powerful, like in the evenings or on cloudy days. You’ll be the only one on your street with functional electricity during a power outage too but how does it work? Grid-tied stores unused energy and harnesses and optimizes this power for when electricity is needed, just like an off the grid system. However, when grid tied there is the option of using the grid when necessary and also the possibility of selling the excess energy of the system back to an electrical company. Imagine how great it would be to not have to worry about outside influences affecting your electrical supply. Storms, electric company issues and power lines going out will be a concern of the past! While everyone else is scrambling for flashlights and candles during a blackout, you’ll be watching TV or charging your phone. You won’t’ need to worry about your pricy tech devices being affected by a power outage, because your energy supply will always be consistent. On the other end, if your solar energy has faces a problem, then you will still be able to power your Winter Haven property.

Award Winning Services

A National Electric Inc. has won the Solar Power World 2014 and 2016 award for “500 Top Solar Contractors.” We’ve also received Angie’s List Super Service Award five consecutive years in a row. We pride ourselves on delivering full capability electrical contracting services at affordable rates. We believe in helping the environment through clean and renewable energy. Join us in making our planet a safer, greener and energy efficient place. Our top priority is to serve the Winter Haven community and provide you with affordable green products and services.

Consider us Your Certified Solar PV Specialists

Our company is PACE (property, asset, clean, energy) certified *. We work with homeowners and commercial businesses, offering quality services, exceptional client care and a number of green products and amenities. For more information contact us, one of our helpful staff will be happy to set up an appointment to discuss grid-tied systems with you.

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