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A National Electric Service, Sells, Designs and Install Solar Electric Systems Since 2005 Many of our previous customers have needed Solar reroofs, residential and commercial systems uninstalled and reinstalled for a new roof to be attached. Our professional team has accomplished this for our customers for over 20 years. We will coordinate with your roofing provider, ensuring that your reroofing experience is stress free. If you are moving and are interested in taking your solar panels, solar railing and solar inverter with you we can accomplish this for you. We are State of Florida Unlimited Electrical Contractors, as well as State of Florida Solar Contractors. We are Certified by all of the major Solar inverter companies to troubleshoot your equipment and solar electric system. We are Certified Tesla Powerwall installers, as well as LG Chem Lithium batteries. Whatever battery type you prefer we can install weather an existing system you want to add on to. Or new installation with battery backup were your go to design and installation Company.

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