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Solar Electric Systems

Winter Haven Solar Electric Systems

A National Electric Service Inc. offer a variety of electrical systems for commercial and residential properties in Winter Haven. As a leading reusable energy contractor, our main goal is to responsibly serve our community by delivering first rate and affordable solar power services. With the constant upsurge in electrical rates, a mass of hidden fees and the steady increase in taxes; it’s no wonder home and business owners are feeling frustrated. No one wants to deal with fluctuating bills every month. This is why solar energy is quickly becoming one of the most efficient and cost effective forms of electricity on the market. You’ll be paying a fixed, flat rate with little to no fluctuating costs, when you invest in a solar electric system.

Types of Solar Electric Systems

There are two types of solar technology: photovoltaic and thermal. Both utilize the sun’s energy but their electrical conversion process differ. Photovoltaic converts the sun’s rays into electrical energy; while the thermal system binds the heat and harnesses it. Both are renewable energy sources for commercial and residential properties.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar electric systems are an exceptional and revolutionary source of power due mainly in part to the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Did you know that by going solar you will be reducing pollution, cutting down the need for fossil fuel production, potentially erasing your carbon footprint and cutting costs?

How is Electricity Causing Pollution?

When you use the current and most basic form of electricity, from a power plant, you’re contributing to the production of fossil fuel emissions. These gasses are bad for the environment because they consist of non-renewable energy that produce harmful waste products. In simple terms, they are made up of: oil, coal and natural gases that create an overproduction of carbon dioxide. And once these resources have been depleted, we cannot make more. This disturbs the planet’s natural evolution because it speeds up the earth’s heat development, creating a greenhouse effect.

When power plants work overtime they create an accumulation of pollutants, which is then distributed and emitted into our Winter Haven air. In other words, the more electricity we use, waste or need, the more pollution these industries produce. In fact, studies show that 40% of smog in the U.S.A can be traced back to the burning of fossil fuels.

Turn-Key Solutions

We provide turn-key solutions! When you purchase your new solar electrical system with us, you won’t need to do anything at all, no set-up required. A National Electric will install your home or business with the appropriate equipment, one that entails little attention and maintenance.

If you’re unsure about which electric system to purchase, we can help. Our company sells every type of solar module brand on the market and will work with you to find the the equipment that best suits your needs and budget. Our reliable and knowledgeable staff will be happy to go through our merchandise list with you and discuss effects, pricing and other details to determine the best product for you.

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