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Solar Battery Backup

Solar Battery Backup for Lake Placid and Beyond

The idea of solar energy is great, but the idea quickly loses steam if the only time you can use the system is when the sun is shining. Obviously, the time you really need power is at night so that you can keep your home well-lit and at a comfortable temperature. This is where solar battery backup comes into play. These batteries are designed to store the excess energy that the system produces so you can have energy rain or shine.

However, there are a few options when it comes to solar battery backup so let’s have a look.

Solar Battery Storage

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium Ion batteries are the most common batteries used today across the USA. These batteries are very efficient when installed properly by professionals. When correctly sized and installed lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries can reduce the cost of charge controllers and other peripheral devices. Other advantages to this battery are size, weight and temperature resilience, maintenance and longevity.

In general Li-ion are about a third of the size and about half the size of the more traditional lead-acid batteries. This means they are better for mobile energy storage but for stationary residential use it means that they are easier to change and store. They also work better at colder temperatures and require little maintenance compared to wet lead-acid types. And of no small importance is the Li-ion having roughly twice the longevity (10 years as opposed to 5) than lead-acid based power storage.

Tesla Battery Packs

There are many benefits to having a tesla system as your back power storage supply. One advantage that you can see right away is its sleek design and pleasing aesthetic. The module is wall mounted, taking up 51’ by 34’ with a depth of 7’. But of course, looks is not the only thing it has to offer. As a storage system it is easily scalable if you need to add more power to your Lake Placid home. It comes with a guaranteed ten year warranty, is easy to maintain and easy to install. We also install industrial level tesla battery packs for commercial businesses that have higher than average power requirements.

Traditional Solar Batteries

A National Electric Service Inc. also offers more traditional battery possibilities so that we can offer the people of Lake Placid a wide range of options. For many families this battery is all they require and it fits both their needs and budget.

Grid Tied Battery Backup:

Even if you do not have solar panels, these batteries can still improve your Lake Placid home and help you save money. The two primary uses are

  1. Avoid blackouts: the battery acts like an emergency generator that will power your home and then recharge itself when the power comes back on. Allowing it to be ready for the next black out
  2. Saving money. The systems can be designed to power itself during off peak hours when electricity costs less and then come into play during peak hours. This will allow you to basically pay all your electrical bills as if you only ever use energy during low peak hours.

Which Solar Backup Battery is Right for You?

There are many questions when it comes solar energy and the right battery is no exception. There are many factors that one must consider:

  • Budget
  • Energy requirements
  • Available sunlight
  • To be on or off the grid
  • Local energy fees
  • Needed maintenance

Not to worry. Helping you figure out what works for you is part of our job. We will listen closely to all of your concerns and provide you with suggestions and the pros and cons for each option.

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A National Electric Service Inc. works both locally in Lake Placid and much further afield. We have performed work in the Caribbean and are capable of working almost anywhere in north and Central America. If you need the help of expert solar energy technicians, then feel free to give us a call.

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